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The A&H Identity

Thought provoking, True, Unconventional

We are thought provoking

We address universally important issues in unexpected ways. We dig into things that all of us experience and think of as problems, the kind of problems that themselves are not visible, that you only experience through their various symptoms. The two of us deconstruct those problems and turn them upside down. This often leads us to surprising conclusions. Something that wasn’t known from the beginning now becomes known and possible to manage and make use of. It is a magical and liberating process.

We tell real life stories  

True stories of real life people are what interests us. The people that catch our attention are rarely famous, spectacular or extraordinary, their experiences are. Their stories might not be big or dramatic, but they always reflect what it means to be human at its core and connecting with that awakens emotions and reveals insights. Though our real-life stories tend to be about the shift from a negative state into a positive one, we focus on the mechanism that makes that transformation possible. To us, this is where wisdom can be found.

We make use of both conventional and unconventional sources of knowledge

We look for knowledge everywhere: hidden knowledge, trivial knowledge, obvious and familiar knowledge, weird and appalling knowledge, frowned upon knowledge, dry and dusty library knowledge, or just super knowledgy knowledge – whatever serves the purpose of revealing the truth at the heart of the matter. Exploring these different sources of knowledge, we sometimes encounter seemingly opposing perspectives that unexpectedly overlap and say the same thing. These intersections are our veins of gold and where we start digging deeper.



We are thought provoking, we tell real life stories and we make use of both conventional and unconventional sources of knowledge.



Playing the whole spectra of emotions, appealing to all your senses, inspiring  and entertaining you, we will make you free from fear and full of power.



Failing when you want to succeed isn’t okay anymore - it’s crucial! This book reveals how failure is the hidden shortcut to creating the life you want.



As coaches we guide you back to your true north, liberate you from your limiting beliefs and show you the way forward for yourself and your business.

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