How do you reach true success? By understanding fear of failure. You accept it and embrace it. When you do, inhibitions are removed and you become free to create the life you want.

We are oftentimes encouraged to transform from a negative state to a positive one using more force. This book convincingly shows how a more profound transformation is achieved by including all aspects of ourselves, even the bad ones, and how perceived opposites such as winner/loser, skeptic/believer, are in fact interconnected in a way that is fundamental to our potential to grow and feel well. As a consequence, this book illustrates how any person can master the art of accessing what is sometimes referred to as ‘flow’, ‘stroke of luck’, or ‘being in the zone’, at will.


This book is a fun ride through history, revealing that the way to the next level is, ironically, by embracing aspects of ourselves we most despise. In an age where nothing makes sense, this book will guide you back to your true north—and show the way forward for yourself and your business.”

- Dave Logan, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Tribal Leadership

“As a top athlete, I know how devastating fear of failure can be, both for your performance and development. With scientific facts hidden in captivating stories this unconventional book shows how to liberate yourself by embracing all possible scenarios.”

- Janette Hargin, Freeskiing World Champion

 ”Can creativity and success be facilitated by accepting our shortcomings? This book provides the interesting suggestion that in fact it might.”

 - Simon Kyaga, Senior Consultant in Psychiatry at Karolinska Institutet, one of the most prestigious medical universities in the world

"Interesting and inspiring! SUCKCESS is thinking outside the box. SUCKCESS is finding your personal leadership. SUCKCESS is achieving your goals. SUCKCESS is going beyond traditional success to find something more sustainable and infinitely more valuable. You cannot win if you do not dare to lose!"

- Franc Matjaž Zupančič, Secretary of State, Republic of Slovenia

"It's FANTASTIC! Authentic and important thoughts and ideas in a page turning format. Wonderful!"

- Henrik Fellesson, CFO at SIWI - Stockholm International Water Institute

 ”The business world hails success and punishes failure, but in our agile age succeeding sooner often boils down to failing faster. This book shows you how to get it right by getting it wrong!”

- Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle, bestselling author of Funky Business and a Global Top 30 Management Guru

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